Current Ensemble

AVERY LEE is the Executive Director of Stir Friday Night.  He’s studied at Annoyance, Second City, and iO, where he performs with Mean Streak and Dynasty.  He also performs with Stir Friday Night, 98.6, Mort at The Playground, and After Hours at Second City.  In 2015 he was a Second City Bob Curry Fellow, and he’s represented by Grossman & Jack. He was also an NBC Playground finalist, with his writing partner Bobby Richards.  You can check out Bobby & Iza on YouTube, and follow him on Twitter @averyLLee.

JONALD JUDE REYES is the Artistic Director of Stir Friday Night.  He is a writer, performer & Director from Chicago, IL, by way of Rutgers University (NJ), and extensive training from the Second City, iO Theater, the Annoyance, and the Chicago Dramatists.  Jonald has performed in the Detroit Improv Festival, Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, and the Just for Laughs Festival (Chicago).  As a Director, Reyes has been honored to be named as Chicago Reader’s Best of Stage Director (2016).  He is an alum of DirectorsLabChicago and has been accepted into DirectorsLab New York at Lincoln Center Theater for 2017.  His recent Directing credits include Splatter Theater (Annoyance), Fake Quotes Comedy (Second City), Blackfish the Musical (MCL Chicago), and Six Characters in Search of an Author (Stage 773).  Jonald is an Associate Producer for the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, the Women’s Funny Festival, and has Produced the Chicago Improv Festival in 2015.  He works on the Steering Committee for DirectorsLabChicago and Stage 773’s Young Professionals Board.  For more info, please visit

DACEY ARASHIBA writes and performs sketch comedy with Stir Friday Night and Awful People, and sings in a punk rock choir called The Blue Ribbon Glee Club.  He sometimes writes music for shows he’s in; notably, an ode to Jeppson’s Malört.  In a previous life he was a professional musician, and has a metal song 17 minutes into “D2: Mighty Ducks Two.”

LOREEN TARGOS lets her Asian light shine with Stir Friday Night. She also performs stand up around Chicago and is a member of PREACH, an improvised spoken word movement. She is a graduate of the Second City and Annoyance Theater programs and is a current student at iO Chicago. Loreen has a dog named Wisła – yes, THE Wisła – and they love to recreate in the Great Lakes which remain shark-free in 2017 thanks to the heroes at Region 5 of the Environmental Protection Agency.

scotthanadaSCOTT HANADA is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory, iO, and Laughtrack Theater Company in Honolulu. He has improvised from coast to coast, as well as back home in the 50th state. In case you’ve gotta ask, he moved here for the weather. You can see him on stage with Stir Friday Night and The Collage, or giving tours at The Museum of Science and Industry. Mahalo and aloha!!!

BROOKE MONTOYA is a professional character actor, comedian and writer, based in Chicago since 2009. She attended DePaul University and has graduated from the Second City Conservatory, iO, and The Annoyance. Over the past few years, Brooke has graced just about every comedy theater in Chicago with her written and/or improvised work. Brooke performs regularly with Stir-Friday Night, Chicago’s premier Asian-American sketch group, and with Fire & Beer, the house ensemble of The Annoyance Theatre. She is the creator and producer of “In Any Language”, a variety show featuring silent and multilingual performance. Other credits include Ingebor in Splatter Theater, Lethal Action Force at iO, and Caliber at ComedySportz. Currently, Brooke is cultivating her newly-found talent for storytelling and burlesque performance. Find her on Facebook and on Twitter (@brookeym3) to find out where she will be next!

CLAUDIA IAO is super excited to be anywhere, but especially with Stir Friday Night! She also performs with Fire & Beer (The Annoyance Theatre’s house ensemble), as well as a few independent teams (Mrs. Housefire, Little Oprahs, PrettyUgly). She has trained at iO, The Annoyance Theater, and completed the Second City Conservatory Program. She is also in Toured: A Comedic Webseries, Nonprofit and Apartment 101. In her free time, she likes to eat cookies. Follow her @claudiayiao and/or

ANNELYSE AHMAD is so grateful to have found a creative home with Stir Friday Night! Currently an understudy for The Second City’s e.t.c. show, she recently made her Equity debut as LEELA in the world premiere of Orange at Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Global Health from Northwestern University and loves nerdy science jokes! Annelyse is a member of SAG-AFTRA and represented by BMG. Keep in touch at

LOUISE LOEB hails from New York.  She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory, as well as iO’s Improv and Music Improv programs.  She currently studies at Comedy Sportz’s Professional School of Improvisation. When not on stage at night or slaving away as a lawyer during the day, Louise enjoys playing the violin and pranking/scaring unsuspecting targets and then laughing at them.  She is also easily amused by small animals.

JAVID IQBAL is a new father who has been restructuring his act to just be baby talk and hopes you are okay with that. He was featured in the 2016 Second City NBCUniversal Breakout Comedy Festival, & recently finished up a run with the Second City Training Center’s Musical House Ensemble “Infinite Sundaes”.Javid loves Stir Friday Night, his family (especially Jazmin & baybay Jamil), and sleeping with both eyes open.

STEVE HAN is a recent graduate from the University of Chicago and a 2018 Bob Curry Fellow with NBC Universal and Second City. Aside from being a fake premed, he has trained at Second City and iO and does stand up around the city. You can catch him on digital content with Second City and the Onion. He hails from the great state of Florida and is super excited to be performing with Stir Friday Night! For more dumb content follow him on Instagram @stevfefe.han.

HARRISON HAPIN is a Bay Area native and is a graduate of the Annoyance, IO, and Columbia College’s theatre program. Besides having a blast with Stir Friday Night he plays with his indie teams (Adrenaline and Ignorance, Human Resources, and Almost Frisco). Harrison has also worked with theatre companies such as Silk Road Rising, Teatro Vista, and The Foundlings Theatre. He hopes to be a Panda Express brand ambassador in the future and his favorite instrument is the Pacific Conch Shell.

SUSAN XU – or just Xu as she prefers – is a classic tale of tech consultant turned improviser/actoress. These days, she can be found performing with Stir Friday Night, and her independent teams (Constance Wu Tang Clan, Ride or Die, Pale Gale, & Space Horsey). She’s a proud graduate of iO, and Second City Training program. She’s also an avid fan of hot sauce, tacos, historical dramas, old ass books, and excessive swearing.

 DEAN SANTIAGO is thrilled to be part of such a diverse family in Stir Friday Night. Even though the suburbs of San Jose, CA are well known to be the mecca of improvisational theater, Dean moved to Chicago to see what else the world had to offer. He has trained at Made Up Theater, American Improv Theater, iO, and Annoyance. He currently performs with the independent teams Fullmodo and Hulk & Bear and has hosted monthly improv jams. His theater credits include A Few Good Men (Bellarmine), Cody’s Recital (Crowd), the Del Close Marathon (UCB), Pilipino Cultural Night (UC Merced), Sacrilege (Annoyance), and the San Francisco Improv Festival (LEELA).  In addition to theater and dance, Dean likes to write music and play with his blind dog Delilah. Dean is excited to further elevate voices of color and help be the change he wants to see in the theater community.

VICKY S. WANG is originally from Jersey (but not the shore okay there is farmland involved) but has lived in a handful of different places since then, including Boston, Palo Alto, Shanghai, and Athens. She has studied at The Second City and The Annoyance. She loves national parks and facetiming her mom everyday.

MASOOD HAQUE is a comedian and actor, and occasional community activist.  After he graduated from the University of Illinois where he studied psychology and theater, Masood went on to work as a consultant working with universities on how to make their campuses more inclusive, while also doing some podcast production when and where he could. After leaving that position to pursue his comedic dreams, Masood can be found cracking jokes or acting all across the greater Chicagoland area. But catching him might be a problem, since he is constantly either at rehearsals or at a coffee shop trying to write the next viral sketch video. He currently performs every Saturday night at Second City as a member of their House Ensemble.

PAIGE MANEY is a Colorado native and a graduate of the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. In Chicago she can be found playing with the iO Harold team Nectar and on the indie teams Power Clashing and Your Parents. I’m sure you’re wondering how you can listen to more of her thoughts, so follow her on Twitter (@TheRealPManey).

RAMMEL CHAN is a comedian and actor based in Chicago. He’s performed at The Goodman Theatre, The Second City, iO, Steppenwolf, Next Act Theatre in Milwaukee, and The Kirk Douglas Theatre in Los Angeles, among others.  He is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, The Second City Writing Program, and The Second City Conservatory. He’s also an ensemble member of Stir Friday Night, an alumnus of Robot vs. Dinosaur, and a proud recipient of the 2015 Bob Curry Fellowship.  As a writer, his short fiction has appeared in the AAPI online digital magazine Riksha, and his play Northern Michigan Trust was part of TEN2018, a ten-minute play festival at The Gift Theatre. His film and television credits include Cold War, End of the Tour, Black Box, Crisis, Patriot, Chicago Justice and the Netflix series The Jamz.  Follow him on Twitter @rammelYES.

 MENAKA DEOLEKAR is an actress, comedian, and improviser. She graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Human Resources and Acting. Menaka studied theatre in London, and is a recent graduate of The Second City Conservatory. She moved to Chicago from Maryland, and enjoys playing piano and basketball, watching documentaries, and listening to pop punk music. Past theater credits include Night Mother, Uncle Vanya, and Dog Sees God. She is a founding member of Silly Point – Chicago’s first South Asian improv group.  She’s also an ensemble member of Recess, JCVG, and The Worst. She also performs stand-up and sketch comedy around Chicago. Menaka is so happy to be a part of Stir Friday Night, and would like to thank God and her family for their endless love and support.

ERICA GEISER is an improviser and writer based in Chicago.  She’s trained at iO and the Washington Improv Theater. Erica performs with Stir Friday Night, and she’s previously performed with the WIT Harold team Richie, and other groups such as Asian Moms, and Happy Gilmore Girls.

HELEN JOO LEE is a SoCal native.  She started acting in the expat community theater scene in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to Chicago to begin her professional acting career. She was most recently a permanent replacement in The Second City’s 41st revue, Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno, and performs regularly with the Comedy Dance Collective (yes, it’s a thing!), and Stir Friday Night. You can watch her on TV on Empire and Chicago Med, and in the upcoming films Teacher and Canal Street.  You can also see her on stage in You For Me For You at Sideshow Theatre. She is represented by Stewart Talent.

AMAR RISBUD would not have gotten into comedy if it weren’t for his junior prom date, so thank you Lauren.  A recent transplant to Chicago from the Bay Area, Amar is currently in grad school at the University of Chicago.  But he’s also pursuing improv and stand-up comedy, until everything eventually collides and he is finally forced to make a decision. Amar is currently studying The Second City Conservatory, and you can follow him on Twitter (@bummer_no_b) if that sounds like something you want to do.

JOAN MOON is originally from Skokie, Illinois. She studied at The Second City Conservatory and iO, and majored in philosophy and political science. She has a background in copywriting, and currently creates digital content for the Museum of Science and Industry.

TUSHAR VASHISTH is a native of New Delhi, India.  He’s also a graduate of Iowa State University, with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Tushar later realized (during an existential crisis) that his love for making people laugh is the reason he wakes up every morning. He’s a graduate of the iO Improv program, and The Second City Training Center Improv, Acting, and Writing programs. He also performs with the independent teams Sky Mall and Silly Point. Tushar is proud to be a member of Stir Friday Night, and hopes you will say hello if you see him around. It is the polite thing to do!

ASSOCIATE STIR FRIDAY NIGHT MEMBERS:  Kannan Arumugam, Kana Felix, & Ray Hui.