Corporate Workshops

Training and Corporate Workshops

In addition to our performance offerings, we also conduct training sessions and
corporate workshops. We individually tailor our sessions to meet the needs of
your group. Our training sessions give you a first-hand look at the creative
process. Our sessions explore the following themes, among others:

• Explore & Heighten: Writing Solid Comedic Sketches
• Forging Fearlessness: Honing Comedic Improvisation Skills
• Represent: Creating Comedy from a Minority Perspective
• And many, many more!

In addition to our training sessions, we also conduct corporate workshops. Using
exercises based on our tried and tested performance methodology, Stir-Friday
Night! will bring a fresh and fun perspective to your business or organization.
We’ll also help your colleagues and employees improve the following skills:

• Speaking/presenting with confidence
• Communicating clearly both verbally and non-verbally
• Improving group work and group dynamics
• And many, many more!

So, whether you’re a school, theater company, or business, we’ll let you in
on a process that’s not only useful in creating comedy, but can also bring a
new energy to your business or organization.

Holiday Parties
Looking to add some Asian-American holiday cheer to your upcoming event?
Stir-Friday Night! will entertain your guests using our signature-style sketch and
improvised comedy. We’ll even tailor our show to fit your specific needs. Whether
it’s in the office or among family and friends, Stir-Friday Night! will add some
spice to your holiday event.