Colleges & High Schools

Bring Us to Your Campus Events
If you are planning a campus event, Stir-Friday Night! can bring comedy that will leave your college or university rolling in the isles with laughter. See our Touring Company packages to have a look at what Stir-Friday Night! can bring to your campus.

Asian Pacific American Heritage (APAH) Month
Celebrating APAH Month? Stir-Friday Night! is proud of its Asian-American
heritage. Share in some celebratory laughs by bringing Stir-Friday Night! to your
APAH Month event. See our Touring Company packages for more information.

Diversity Training
Looking to bring cultural awareness and understanding to your organization?
Stir- Friday Night! can help. Our Diversity Training is discussion based and
includes signature sketches from our 15-year repertoire. We will help your
organization examine and discuss important topics such as cultural-friendly
communication, ethnic stereotypes, and creating an inclusive environment to myriad cultural perspectives. Served with a dash of comedy, our training will help enrich your organizational environment.