Touring Shows

Stir-Friday Night! Touring Company Packages

Bring Stir-Friday Night!’s signature blend of Chicago-style scripted and
improvised comedy to your university, performing arts center, holiday party, or
corporate event. Choose from the following show packages:

THE “F.O.B.”
Our signature package, the F.O.B. is a full out buffet with sketch and improv
garnished with a fresh sprig of Q&A! The FOB package includes a 90-minute
show that includes 50 minutes of the best sketches written by Stir-Friday Night! in
its 15 years of existence. In addition to our scripted material, we’ll perform a 20-
minute improvised set in which our actors create scenes on the spot based on
your suggestions. After the 50-minute show has ended, our ensemble will
facilitate a 20-minute Q&A session with your group about topical issues including
the creation of comedy from an Asian-American cultural perspective and the
constantly changing role of the Asian-American artist in a constantly globalizing
world. To be honest, we’ll answer any question that comes our way…

THE “A.B.C.”
While the performers might be “American Born and Confused,” the scrumptious
“A.B.C.” package is anything but confusing. The “A.B.C.” includes a healthy
helping of Asian-American Based Comedy. You’ll be wowed by 50 minutes of our
best sketch material in addition to 20 minutes of cutting-edge improv.

The “#23” often refers to some bland offering on a menu in an Asian restaurant.
When written out as words, put in all capital letters, and used in our promotional
material, “THE NUMBER TWENTY-THREE“ refers to a 50-minute sketch show
featuring the cream of Stir-Friday Night!’s crop of irreverent comedic material.

Hungry for a comedic snack that will leave you rolling in the aisles? Check out
these tasty improvised and scripted treats.

• The “SCRIPTED SURPRISE” includes a 30-minute show featuring the
best sketches from our repertoire.

• “IMPROV DELIGHT” is a 30-minute show featuring a completely
improvised theatrical experience based on audience suggestions.