Stir-Friday Night Presents: The ShrimpShack Redemption

Photo Credit: Elias Rios Photography

Asian-Americans Escape the Social-Construct Prison!

A prison of assumptions has overwhelmed the Asian race, and Stir Friday Night is breaking out! In their newest sketch revue, “The Shrimpshack Redemption,” the 22-year- old Asian-American comedy troupe has diligently chipped away through stereotypes and social norms to escape the “Shrimpshack”, and find their true selves. Born into what society thinks they know about Asians, the escaped convicts can now tell people the real truth about Asian-Americans, like how it’s okay to be infatuated with bubble tea, or that we might have serious issues with sharing our emotions. Other prison stories describe the dangers of growing up in an Asian household, the love and loss of being a street food vendor, and the liberation of the female breast.

Written & performed by Claudia Iao, Javid Iqbal, TJ Medel, Brooke Montoya & Loreen Targos.

Musical Direction by Gail Gallagher.
Directed by Jonald Jude Reyes.

Photo Credit: Elias Rios Photography

Performances will be at:
The Second City Training Center, Judy’s Beat Lounge
230 W. North Avenue, Second Floor,
Chicago, IL 60614

Every Friday at 7:30 pm (CST), from September 15th through October 20th , 2017.

Photo Credit: Elias Rios Photography

$13 for General Admission
$11 for Students
Purchase at the theatre box office, or by phone (312-337- 3992), or online at night-presents- shrimpshack-redemption/

Photo Credit: Elias Rios Photography



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